How much does a home inspection cost?

There is no standard fee. Every company charges differently. We can keep our fees low due to limiting our team to family members. You will find inspectors that charge more and some that charge less. You will not find home inspectors better than us. See our pricing here.

** Don't forget to ask about our Military Veteran, First Responder, and Educator discounts.

Do I need a home inspection?

The short answer is yes. Buying a new home is an expensive investment, possibly the largest one you'll ever make. A home inspection brings more clarity to what it is that you're buying and will help to mitigate the risk involved in such a purchase.

There are many potential problems that could either go unnoticed, or could lead to bigger problems, that a home inspector is trained to uncover.

Can I inspect the home myself?

We very strongly advise against attempting to perform the property inspection yourself, for a number of reasons. Even if you do have a lot of experience with the systems of a home, it is still advised to hire a professional home inspector.

  • It's far too easy to become emotionally attached to a home. It's very important to have an objective party perform the inspection to provide a professional, unbiased assessment.
  • A professional home inspector has been trained to look for specific issues, and is familiar with a wide variety of situations.
  • A good home inspector knows the difference between major and minor issues, and which minor issues can lead to major problems down the road.

How long does a home inspection take?

A home inspection typically takes between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the size of the home and number of issues discovered. A home inspection that takes less than 2 hours is generally not thorough enough to be useful.

When you request your inspection, we can give you a better idea as to how long the process will take.

May I attend the inspection?

Absolutely! While your presence is not required, we strongly encourage you to come along for the inspection. You'll have a much better idea of the condition of the home when you can see any issues first-hand.

You'll be able to benefit a lot more from the inspector's experience and knowledge if you are present at the inspection. You can ask questions and receive home maintenance tips — especially helpful for first-time home buyers.

There is no requirement for you to be present. We have had many customers who attended virtually over Facetime.

If I'm selling a house, should I get a pre-listing home inspection?

You're more likely to have a quick sale if the house has already been properly inspected. You can opt to provide potential buyers with a copy of the inspection report, or you can address any issues before listing the house for sale.

Major problems discovered during a home inspection may result in serious transaction delays. If you know about these problems ahead of time, you'll be in a better position for a smooth transaction.

What is your typical process for working with a new client?

We pride ourselves on being available to answer any questions you have about the inspection process and to discuss your home inspection before, during, and after. Once you are our client, we want you to be a client for life. We will communicate with you using your preferred method, be that texts, emails, or phone calls. Once you hire us, we will send you the inspection agreement. Please read over it and ask us questions. Once the agreement is signed we will get your inspection on the schedule and send you our payment options. Our current payment options include Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Cash, or Credit Cards.

What education/training do you have that relates to your work?

This is what typically sets companies apart. ALL home inspectors in Texas are required to be licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). There are 3 levels of licensing. Each of our inspectors holds the highest license, Professional Inspector. You can find our license numbers here.

All our inspectors obtained training with American Home Inspector Training (AHIT), which is one of the most respected nationwide home inspector training companies there is. We also have a Certified Residential Thermographer on the team to utilize infrared imaging to find ‘invisible’ issues. Additional training and certifications are always being taken/added to stay aware and provide the best inspections.

How did you get started doing home inspections?

The father on this team has purchased many homes and typically did not hire a home inspector. After purchasing a few homes with issues, he started hiring a home inspector before new purchases. One of the sons is a graduate of the Texas Tech School of Architecture, the other from the University of Colorado School of Environmental Studies. This company was started so the dad and his sons could work together to deliver a quality service to other families. We love inspecting homes to give both buyers and sellers a quality report of all issues with the home and guidance on annual maintenance to protect their investment.

What types of customers have you worked with?

First-time buyers, experienced buyers, sellers, investors, and current owners. We inspect homes, condos, and apartments. We have even inspected a few trailers.

When will I receive the report?

We do our best to deliver the final report the same evening as the inspection.

What advice would you give a client looking to hire an inspector?

Make sure the inspector is licensed and insured. Do not allow the inspection without signing a home inspection agreement. Read the agreement before signing and ask questions to be clear about expectations and what the home inspector does and does not do. Your realtor may provide a list of inspectors they know. Take a moment to do your research on local home inspectors and decide which one provides you with the best value. We are confident that L3 Home Inspection is a great value.

What should I know about an inspector before I hire them?

Texas has a Standard of Practice (SOP) that provides the minimum inspection requirements. The last thing you want is a “Minimum Inspection”. Make sure your inspector goes above and beyond the Texas SOP by checking every accessible receptacle, window, door, and system in the house as we do. This includes walking on the roof (as safety allows).

How do I schedule an inspection?

Click here to schedule your inspection online. Or you can call or text us at (830) 428-4728, or email us at

Do you have questions that weren't covered here? Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to address all of your concerns.